New Digital Image of the Center for Economic Analysis and Research (CAIE)

The Center for Economic Analysis and Research (CAIE by its Spanish acronym), a pioneer in conducting research in economics at ITAM, has renewed its web site. With a friendly interface and an update in its design, the CAIE affirms its objectives of:

  1. Providing analysis of the situation and perspectives of the Mexican economy.
  2. Influencing economic policy discussions, always starting from the objective basis of data, statistics and economic theory.
  3. Carrying out research projects on the economy of our country and the challenges it faces.
Dr. Felipe Meza Goiz, Director of CAIE.
Dr. Felipe Meza Goiz, Director of CAIE.

The CAIE is a research center that was founded in March 1983. Its first director was Dr. Arturo Fernández, current president of ITAM. Since its inception, the CAIE has specialized in analyzing the situation and the perspectives of the Mexican economy.

Since August 2020, the Center of Economic Analysis and Research has been directed by Dr. Felipe Meza, fulltime professor of the Department of Economics, replacing Dr. Ignacio Trigueros, following his retirement.

Dr. Felipe Meza has published several articles in international and peer-reviewed academic journals. In 2009, he received the Kenneth J. Arrow Prize for Junior Economists from the Berkeley Electronic Press. He was part of the National System of Researchers between 2010 and 2016. He ranked second place in the Banamex Prize for Economics in 2015. Since 2020 he has been a member of the committee of experts of Mexico, ¿cómo vamos? 

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