11 recommendations for a safe job interview

Preparing for a job interview is a process that requires our full attention to successfully pass the selection process for the vacancy that interests us. In many articles they give important recommendations about topics like questions you need to be prepared for, how to write and present a CV, getting information about the company and the vacancy, etc.

In this article, with the aim of building safe spaces in our community, we add recommendations on personal safety, not a minor issue that should be considered when appearing for a job interview.

Practical advice of personal safety before a job interview

  1. Before the interview, investigate if the address of the company or the telephonic number that appears in the ad, corresponds to a real company.
  2. Before going to the interview, locate the address on the internet. Once in place, make sure that it matches what was mentioned; that is, building, house, warehouse, etc. Look around before entering.
  3. Trust more in the companies that provides an institutional email, and not a free service one.
  4. Make sure that the battery of your phone is enough charged before attending an interview.
  5. Remember that the interview must be carried out in the place where you are going to work. Make sure there are at least two or more people of both sexes at the facility.
  6. Do not attend interviews in parks, malls or cafes that are alone; if the interview is In a residential building or house, preferably ask someone to accompany you.
  7. During the interview, you do not have to answer questions about your private life, even less if they are asked invasively and much less if they are about your sex life.
  8. Avoid responding to offers that promises exaggerated earnings, not according to the position functions, without first finding out about it
  9. Share the location in real time with a family member or trusted person who knows information such as name and position of the person you will interview.
  10. Under no circumstances do you accept that the interviewer asks you out personally.
  11. If the interviewer makes comments or performs demeaning, aggressive, derogatory, sexual or discriminatory behavior, end the interview and leave the place as soon as possible. As soon as you are in a safe space, report the situation to the agency, job board, website or person who offered the job vacancy or to the competent authority.

From the ITAM Job Bank Office we want to remind you that, to reinforce the company selection protocols, as of March 4, 2021, all companies active in our Job Bank are being asked to share with us their Ethics and conduct codes, which will be accessible within the vacancies published. In this way, our university and the companies help to promote safer spaces for all people in the workplace.

In addition, if you are already in the final stage of a recruitment process, ITAM’s Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Directorate recommends that you request information on the company’s equity, gender equality and diversity policies. Remember that, according to the Federal Labor Law, every company has the obligation to have a protocol to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender and attention to cases of violence and sexual harassment or harassment. Take the time you need to fully assess your decision to join a company.

If you have any questions or disagreements about a recruitment process offered by our Exchange, get in touch with the ITAM Job Bank Office, in charge of Jessica Hernández Magallanes. We also appreciate all your feedback on your experiences when you have used the ITAM Job Bank service.

Write to us at bolsa@itam.mx or call 55 5628 4000 ext. 4155, 4163.



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