Meet the Faculty: Dr. Francisco Pérez-González, Dean of the Division of Administration and Accounting


Dr. Francisco Pérez, alumnus of the ITAM’s undergraduate program in economics, class of 1990-1994, shares with us with stories about his life as a student as well as a professional.

According to him, studying at ITAM was advantageous not only because he had the best professors and classmates, but also because he was given the analytical and humanistic tools to help understand Mexico’s economic situation and thus help him to become a well-rounded professional.

ITAM gave him opportunities nationally and internationally beyond his wildest dreams. During his professional career in high level positions in the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Finance, he was able to see firsthand how the public policy theories he studied were actually put to use. Among his professional achievements include serving as professor in various business schools in the United States. These experiences allowed him to assess the usefulness of his education at ITAM and in his graduate studies, and then put them to use in business.



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