Macroeconomics at ITAM: 2018 Meeting of the Society for Economic Dynamics

For the second time, ITAM hosted the annual congress of the SED. The Society for Economic Dynammics (SED), one of the most important academic societies in the study and research of macroeconomics, organizes an annual conference in which macroeconomic research and publications are presented to fellow researchers.

Initial Coins Offerings: The Future of Finance?

One tool to attract financing for startups is called Initial Coins Offerings. Nidya Remolina and Aurelio Gurrea Martínez spoke about this project at the closing of the cycle of conferences “Private law at ITAM 2018. An approach to business”.

European Union Experts Update in ITAM Classrooms

Indicative Program for academics & experts of EU Affairs at ITAM, a project organized and funded by the European Union that has the purpose of updating and discussing with attendees the political and economic issues that involve this political community.

Russia: the political boogeyman

According to Dr. Armando Chaguaceda Noriega’s research, Russia has become the element that many international political scandals have in common.

The Bank of International Settlements’ past and its future under Carstens

According to Dr. Agustín Carstens, former governor of Mexico’s Central Bank, it is by studying the development of financial institutions throughout history that we can better understand its relevance, as well as that of international commerce, global economic growth, and macroeconomic development of advanced and emerging economies.