Women’s Initiative 2023

In this Women’s Initiative edition, ITAM welcomed young applicants and inspiring alumnae to strengthen and boost the professional network of women in the industry.

Actuarial Perspectives Seminar

Learn about the current landscape for the insurance and retirement sectors in Mexico, presented in ITAM’s first Actuarial Perspectives Seminar.

2023 Seminar on Economic Perspectives

ITAM reaffirmed their place as one of the main research centers, teaching and economical debate in Mexico in their yearly Seminar on Economic Perspectives.

ITAM Announces New Gender Protocol

Today, the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) presented the new ITAM Protocol for the Prevention of and Response to Cases of Gender-Based Violence.

10 years of the Social Commitment Seminar of ITAM

In 2020, was the 10 anniversaries of the first edition of the ITAM Social Commitment Seminar. After one decade, our institute is prude to have created this space for reflection and a meeting place for the actors of civil society organizations dedicated to human and social development. The Social Commitment Seminar of ITAM has consolidated…

75 anniversary of Asociación Mexicana de Cultura, who founded ITAM

The Asociación Mexicana de Cultura A.C. was founded in March 1946 in Mexico City with the purpose of making higher education the engine of change in Mexico. Under that spirit, the association founded Insituto Tecnologico de Mexico (ITM), which opened its doors on july 1st, 1946. Later, the ITM aquire the universitarian autonomy to be…

ITAM arrives in Latin America

Past March 24 and 15 of 2021, the first edition of ITAM Latino was held, an event designed to attract people in Latin American countries interested in studying at ITAM. The first edition of this event had 200 people interested, who received talks about different programs, about the admission process, and doubts about living in…

11 recommendations for a safe job interview

Preparing for a job interview is a process that requires our full attention to successfully pass the selection process for the vacancy that interests us. In many articles they give important recommendations about topics like questions you need to be prepared for, how to write and present a CV, getting information about the company and…

Towards a more inclusive society through language

Language is one of the most complex social practices and instruments. It has a common socio-cultural load among linguistic users but at the same time, it attends to individual issues. That’s why language plays a very important role in the legitimation of minority representations, and inclusive language is a new way of dealing with such…