Russia: the political boogeyman

According to Dr. Armando Chaguaceda Noriega’s research, Russia has become the element that many international political scandals have in common.

The Bank of International Settlements’ past and its future under Carstens

According to Dr. Agustín Carstens, former governor of Mexico’s Central Bank, it is by studying the development of financial institutions throughout history that we can better understand its relevance, as well as that of international commerce, global economic growth, and macroeconomic development of advanced and emerging economies.

The Carrera al Universo and Mérito Professional Awards Ceremony

Since 1999, ITAM ‘s Alumni Association has bestowed the Carrera al Universo award to an alumnus with an exemplary 30-year professional career. The awardee receives a copy of Andres Peraza’s sculpture El Hombre Cósmico, symbolizing the highest of cosmic man’s ideals and melting pot.  The distinguished recipients of this award include Don Alberto Baillères, Felipe…

The European Union’s new global strategy in foreign policy

Dr. Stephan Sberro invited Amador Sanchez Rico, the European Union’s political adviser in Mexico, to give a talk about the European Security Strategy, created on December 12, 2003. At this event, it was mentioned that the very existence of the European Union is hanging by a thread, just when the world needs a strong union…

ITAM’s Seventieth Anniversary Celebration: Business Perspectives Seminar

As part of its seventieth anniversary celebrations, ITAM and its Alumni Association held the 2016 Business Perspectives Seminar, gathering renowned professionals in the automotive, entrepreneurial, entertainment, corporate, and academic sectors to discuss the challenges and expectations they face. Dr. Arturo Fernández, ITAM’s President, gave the opening remarks in Raùl Baillères Auditorium at ITAM’s Río Hondo…