ITAM Sports: From the Classroom to the Playing Field

While meeting the challenges of studying at ITAM, being involved in sports or in cultural activities is not a far-fetched idea, in fact, it makes sense. Athletes at our institute agree. Some managed to form a sports team that, based on its merits, became a team at this university; some went on to achieve recognition in national and international tournaments, while others have been able to compete professionally in their chosen sport.

Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee

We interviewed some of these ITAM students. They believe that, in order to combine studies and sports successfully, it is necessary to be disciplined and strictly follow a regular schedule for study and training. They also recommend informing professors and ITAM authorities about important competitions and to limit their hobbies and social events. They are convinced that studying and sports is not only fun, but also part of an obligation that they are passionate about. Vigorously participating in a physical activity helps to lower stress levels and to achieve comprehensive training.

Pracrice the Sport You Like

Little by little, the diversity of sports at ITAM has increased thanks to the fact that students who are interested in participating in a sport that does not exist at ITAM can form a student organization. This allows them to bring groups of students who have the same interest together so they can train in the institute’s facilities. Then, when these organizations reach a certain performance level and excel in the leagues outside ITAM, they have the opportunity to become a representative team, and receive the institutional support they need. Teams such as Cheerleading, Futbol arena, and more recently the Ultimate Frisbee, have managed to take this leap and are proof that merit is always rewarded at the institute.

Visit our YouTube channel. Learn about the experience of alumni and ITAM students who have represented ITAM in different sports areas. We thank the ITAM Sports Coordination for their support. We congratulate all the students who, with great effort, practice a sports or cultural activity as a complement to their academic training.

Ana Paola López Political Science Futbol  Pumas
Lorena Hernández Political Science Horse riding
Fabiola Murrieta Economics and International Relations Cheerleading
Ángel Garrido Law Futbol
Alonso Sandoval Applied Mathematics Ultimate Frisbee



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