José María Barrero Research | Don’t Force People to Come Back to the Office Full Time

Doctor José María Barrero, full time professor at the Department of Business Administration at ITAM, presents his research publication. about the impact of Covid-19 in face-to-face work. The research poses, based on quantitative data, the desire of workers to be able to have a hybrid work scheme; meaning, to have the opportunity to work in person and remotely. Likewise, it addresses the challenges this schemes represent for companies.

José María Barrero Sanclemente has a bachelor’s in economics and mathematics the University of Pensilvania, as well as as master’s and Ph.D. in economics by Stanford University. His research is focused in macroeconomics and finance, particularly in low risk corporate behavior, using empirical and quantitative methods. He is also the co-founder of WFH Research, researching of the impact of Covid-19 in the workplace; specifically, togethert with the University of Chicago, MIT, Stanford University and ITAM.

His research Don’t Force People to Come Back to the Office Full Time,published by Harvard Business Review, explores the implications of a total comeback to in person work attendance. In addition, it explains the possible benefits of the hybrid schemes for the workers and the diversity within the companies. Particularly, affirms that a big part of the professional and managerial work can be done effectively from home.

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