Actuarial Perspectives Seminar

Learn about the current landscape for the insurance and retirement sectors in Mexico, presented in ITAM’s first Actuarial Perspectives Seminar.

2023 Seminar on Economic Perspectives

ITAM reaffirmed their place as one of the main research centers, teaching and economical debate in Mexico in their yearly Seminar on Economic Perspectives.

2023 Job Fair

During ITAM’s 2023 Job Fair, 78 national and international companies made their opportunities known to 1,415 ITAM students and alumni.

ITAM takes its 2021 Job Fair to the safety of your home

ITAM will hold, this Thursday, February 18, 2021, its traditional Annual Job Fair, this year in virtual format. From 8.30 to 18.30 hours, people who have registered will interact, from the safety of its home, with more than 40 confirmed companies at the moment. The Job Fair is a traditional event of ITAM, which every…

The Future of Education in Mexico

The La Flecha al Aire Award, founded by Javier Beristain and organized every year by the Fundraising Office, seeks to recognize the rigorous research of newly graduated ITAM students. This event mainly focuses on education in Mexico. Prior to an award ceremony, a panel of various education experts discussed the situation in the country. Also,…

Cybercrime: What to Do to Prevent It

What does the future of information hold for us, at a time when we have so many digital businesses at our fingertips? In a conference at ITAM, Professor Fernando Gamallo explained the meaning of cybersecurity and the importance of protecting our virtual information to correctly prevent cybercrime, especially in the case of young people. Gamallo…

The Bank of International Settlements’ past and its future under Carstens

According to Dr. Agustín Carstens, former governor of Mexico’s Central Bank, it is by studying the development of financial institutions throughout history that we can better understand its relevance, as well as that of international commerce, global economic growth, and macroeconomic development of advanced and emerging economies.