Carrera al Universo and Mérito Profesional 2015 Awards Ceremony

ITAM and its Alumni Association have been presenting Carrera al Universo and Mérito Profesional (Professional Merit) awards since 1999.  In its 2015 award edition, Dr. José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, Ministry of Social Development, was the deserving recipient of the Carrera al Universo award. This is ITAM’s highest honor which is bestowed to an alumnus for more than thirty years of outstanding professional achievement.

On the other hand, The Professional Merit award is presented to alumni who have at least 15 years of distinguished professional success in either the public, entrepreneurial, corporate, social, or academic sectors.

Among the distinguished guests were Don Alberto Baillères, President of ITAM´s Board of Directors; Dr. Arturo Fernández, ITAM President; Igor Rosette Valencia, President of the Alumni Association, and Juan Pablo Baillères, President of the Award Committee.

Dr. Meade is an alumnus of ITAM’s undergraduate program in economics, UNAM’s law program, and holds a PhD in economics from Yale University. He is the first Mexican to have headed four ministries in four different presidential administrations. Dr. Meade reflected on the merits of previous Carrera al Universo prize winners and he stated how this recognition will motivate him to step up his efforts and also inspire him to place Mexico forefront in his work. Moreover, he also praised ITAM for the education it provides to their students “Freedom, responsibility, solidarity, and academic excellence are the foundation of ITAM’s educational framework, and thus contribute to change in Mexican society.”

Dr. Arturo Fernández also stated that ITAM has envisioned merit as a core value to pursue development and fairness. Furthermore, he recognized ITAM’s emphasis on human values. He referred to the recipients, as the “champions of our mission, bearers of our values and symbols of light, hope, inspiration, happiness, and hard work. They are the best compensation of ITAM’s educational prowess.”

Don Alberto Baillères was also celebrated at the ceremony for receiving the Belisario Domínguez medal, the highest honor bestowed by the Mexican Senate to a citizen.

At the end of the ceremony, the awardees, along with their family and friends, proceeded to the Walk of Fame, where their names were engraved in recognition of their achievements. The guests then celebrated with cocktails in Plaza de las Palmeras at ITAM, Río Hondo Campus.



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