ITAM – HEC Paris Agreement Allows You to Graduate in Five Years with an Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration and a Master in Management

Thanks to the international agreement signed by ITAM and HEC Paris (École des hautes études commerciales de Paris), outstanding students have the opportunity to obtain two degrees in just five years: an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from ITAM and a Master in Management from the HEC Paris, one of the most prestigious universities in Europe in the field of business.


HEC is located on the outskirts of the French capital. The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry founded this educational center in 1881, which has two objectives in its educational plan: to train leaders of the future and take an active part in the generation of knowledge.

Alumni of this Master in Management find innumerable options to develop their career. One in 10 finds work within three months of completing their studies, while 39% of its graduates get a job outside their home country, either by creating their own company or joining a leading international company.

Its alumni are well positioned in the economic circuit and stand out, for example, in consulting services, the financial field, technology corporations and other sectors, such as luxury, consumer goods or industry in general.



With the objective of offering the best tools and opportunities for internationalization to its students of excellence, ITAM gives those with the best grade point average of each generation the possibility of studying the fourth year of their undergraduate degree under the HEC program and pursuing one more year at this French university to obtain degrees from both institutions with the same thesis dissertation.

It should be noted that being selected for the Master’s program is part of a highly competitive process, as it is recognized internationally as one of the best programs in its category. Therefore, the agreement offers ITAM students a significant advantage over other candidates when enrolling in the Paris institution.


ITAM and HEC: Two Complementary Perspectives


This agreement follows in the footsteps of other well-known universities, such as Yale, which in 2017 implemented transnational programs to obtain a double degree in business administration (or management). The newspaper Le Figaro explained it this way:

In order to integrate into this curriculum, there are two paths. The first, internal, allows HEC students to apply. The second is aimed at external students who go through a very selective, competitive process. For the first session of the contest, 600 international candidates applied, and only 23 of them were admitted. In recent years, HEC Paris has multiplied alliances with institutions in the United States. It has created prestigious double degrees with MIT, UC Berkeley and Georgetown University, and it intends to multiply them in the coming years Wally Bordas. HEC Paris-Yale : un double diplôme prestigieux et très sélectif. December 18, 2018

Internationalization and the sharing of knowledge define the essence of this top Parisian commercial school whose role as an educator of elites in the economic field is well known in France. The school has been managed and funded by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP) since its founding in 1881.

It is important to emphasize that the institution is considered a Grande École, that is, a university-level learning center specialized in a single branch of knowledge (industry, mining, commerce and public administration) based on a strict selection of admittance that allows its graduates to fill the leading positions of society and the State.


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The best-known case is that of l’École Nationale dÁdministration, which for decades has trained the high-ranking bureaucracy of the French State, also known as énarques, but HEC Paris fulfills the same function among the business elite. The Master in Management program is described in this way:


HEC masters
To know the characteristics of the Master in Management, click on the photo.


Founded in 1881, the Grande Ecole program balances perfectly the development of practical leadership and professional skills with more theoretical requirements, such as a final research work within the area of specialization. Students are trained to become decision makers while focusing on the academic specialization they choose based on their professional goals. With the diversity of courses and available specializations, students can develop experience in several areas of business administration, and shape their career plans, while preparing for their entry into the business world through internships in companies.


This historically proven approach has now opened up to students around the world, as managers and academics of this great school perceive the need to open up to the global community. This was argued by Peter Todd, professor and Director General/Dean of HEC Paris, in a recent interview with El Economista. These are the three key points of its success, according to one of its architects:



  1. More than 90% of our graduates find work within three months after graduation. After two years, graduates of the French management and engineering schools have an unemployment rate that is close to zero.
  2. Diversity is key to excellence today. This is particularly true at HEC Paris, where nearly 75% of our professors and half of our student body come from outside France.
  3. At HEC Paris, our key strategic pillars of entrepreneurship, digital transformation and social responsibility are essential to help prepare our students to succeed in this changing world.

The synergy between ITAM and HEC Paris is a fact. You only need to know what to do to be eligible for the double degree program.

What do I need to do to apply for the ITAM and HEC double degree?


To become a candidate for the double degree, the student of the undergraduate degree in Business Administration at ITAM must have taken the courses that correspond to the first three years of the program and received good grades, and then approach the director of the program, Dr. Cecilia Ortiz, and the ITAM International Office. After verifying their credentials, letters of recommendation will be issued to the student in order to set up an interview and continue with the application process of the HEC Paris’ Master’s program.


HEC Paris
HEC Paris campus entrance. Photo:

Students will take 12 courses during the two years they are at the French institution: the first eight, which correspondent to the curricula, will be taken the first year; the remaining four are optional and will be taken in the area of concentration selected during the second year of the Master’s degree. To obtain the degrees, students will have to write a thesis dissertation approved by the two institutions and make a thesis defense both at ITAM and HEC Paris.

So, if you are an outstanding student and want to study the undergraduate degree in Business Administration at ITAM, or you are already in the program, do not miss this opportunity to know more and apply to become one of the beneficiaries of this agreement. Talk with your program director and find out more about the double degree offered by these two prestigious universities.



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