In February we celebrated Yvonne Yoshi Vega

On February 1, we celebrate the birthday of a very special person in the ITAM Community, Yvonne Vega, who with her support contributes to the success of business masters at ITAM. In this edition of “We celebrate…” we talk with her about her stay at ITAM and about her birthday.
Yvonne studied Economics at ITAM, she did her social service in the Department of Promotion of Graduate Studies, and later she had the opportunity to work in the same department as a intern. After some time away from ITAM, the opportunity to come back was opened and she took it, because it permitted her to continue with her graduate studies. Today, Yvonne studies to masters at ITAM, the MBA and the master’s in marketing.

The date of her birthday always falls on the bridge and, while it is an excellent opportunity to get out of town, it is also the weekend that the Superbowl normally takes place and you should generally adjust your plans to that event. However, in 2021, the final of the NFL tournament will not coincide with the weekend of his birthday, so there will be nothing to take away his prominence on this important date.

Usually she likes to go out of Mexico City to get to know more the country, it could be a beach or a Magic Town. She enjoys the company of her family and her cousins, with whom she gets along very well. On this occasion, due to the contingency, she has no plans to hang out with all the people with whom she normally enjoys his birthday, but she will undoubtedly spend a good time with her close family. Yvonne is a lover of meat, whether in cuts or hamburgers, she always enjoys this dish.

Even though it could sound strange, cake is not her favorite dessert, neither chocolate. If she must pick one dessert it would be ice cream or gelatin, since they are not so sweet, and they do not cloak you as much. So, if you are thinking of sending a cake to your house, think twice, maybe the best idea is to send you a cut of meat instead. ITAM and all his colleagues thank her very much for all his work and commitment, and on this February 1, we wish her a very happy birthday.




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