Alumni connect with ITAM to say goodbye to 2020

During the week of 14 to 18 of December took place 15 end of year meetings for Bachelor, Engineering, and Graduate studies alumni,  in which 296 alumni joined to talk with graduates of their same program and their respective director, in order to toast the end of 2020, with the Alumni Office as host of the events.

In the meeting, the alumni were informed about the changes done during 2020 at ITAM. By that, they knew in firsthand the transformation that ITAM does to be a university of academic and human excellence. Moreover, participants were invited to share their experiences with other graduates, or to tell in which sector they currently work, so they could meet each other.

In some meetings, the Director of Undergraduate Studies did activities with the alumni such as Kahoot!, dynamic in which questions about ITAM or its programs where made. At the end of each of the meetings, a toast was made among the graduates to close the conversation.

It is noteworthy that in more than one meeting joined teachers who were reunited with their former students, and we had the participation of a great number of graduates that currently live abroad or outside of Mexico City.

Master in finance alumni
Bachelor in Economics alumni
Alumni of Bachelor in Actuary




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