5 ITAM alumni received the Fulbright-García Robles scholarship (2022)

Last 9th of June, the COMEXUS  (Comisión México-Estados Unidos para el Intercambio Educativo y Cultural) performed a ceremony for the 2022 generation of Fulbright-García Robles scholarship beholders. Amongst the 2022 generation of 102 students there are 5 ITAM alumni.

México Alberto Vergara Bahena, Karla Daniela González Esquinca, Julene Landáburu Ibarra, y David Andrés Jaurrieta Hinojos. Exalumnas y exalumnos del ITAM que recibieron la beca Fulbright-García Robles 2022.
México Alberto Vergara Bahena, Julene Landáburu Ibarra, Karla Daniela González Esquinca and David Andrés Jaurrieta Hinojos. ITAM alumni, beholders of the Fulbright-García Robles Scholarship. Photo ITAM.

During the farewell ceremony, our alumni Paula Gándara Autrique (Law), Karla Daniela González Esquinca (International Relations), Julene Landáburu Ibarra (International Relations), México Alberto Vergara Bahena (Economics, Political Science and Master’s Degree in Economics) and David Andrés Jaurrieta Hinojos (Industrial Engineering) received the Fulbright-García Robles Scholarship to undergo their postgraduate studies at Harvard University, Columbia University, The University of Chicago and Rice University.

Name ITAM’s Program Destination
Paula Gándara Autrique Law LL.M. Harvard University
Karla Daniela González Esquinca International Relations Columbia University
David Andrés Jaurrieta Hinojos Industrial Engineering MBA Rice University
Julene Landáburu Ibarra International Relations Public Policy The University Of Chicago
México Alberto Vergara Bahena Economics, Political Science and Master’s Degree in Economics Public Policy The University Of Chicago
Generación 2022 becas Fulbright-García Robles
2022 Fulbright-García Robles generation. Photo ITAM.

Among the attendees there was Hazel Blackmore, Executive Director of COMEXUS, Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath, Deputy Chief of Mission of the United States Embassy in Mexico, William A. Ostick, Public Affairs Officer of the United States Embassy in Mexico, Javier Dávila Torres, Director of International Cooperation for Development at AMEXCID and Enrique Ku González, Coordinator of Mobility and Academic Cooperation at the Under Secretary of Higher Education.

Mensaje de Hazel Blackmore a la generación 2022
Message from Hazel Blackmore to the 2022 Fulbirght-García Generation. Photo ITAM.

COMEXUS stated in a press release:

“Fulbright-García Robles scholarship beholders are distinguished by their academic excellence and leadership; therefore, they will be excellent ambassadors for Mexico during this key moment of Mexico and United States’ bilateral diplomatic relation. COMEXUS has been part for a few years, but a lot in terms of substance, of the history of cooperation between the two nations”.

According with the information presented by COMEXUS, ITAM is the third institution throughout the Mexican Republic with the largest number of alumni in this 2022 Fulbright-García Robles generation.



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