ITAM University has realized their first summer camp for high school students

As a Pre-University Assistance Department initiative, ITAM University’s first summer camp for high school students has taken place. The goal of the summer camp is to let high school students have an immersive university experience and to guide them during their preparation to attend college, keeping them well informed regarding ITAM’s focus and the content of our multiple undergraduate programs.

Clausura curso de verano ITAM. Foto: ITAM.
ITAM’s summer camp closing event. Photo ITAM.

Experience ITAM University during our summer camp

During ITAM’s summer camp, students were able to take classes in all of our undergraduate programs including Economics, Mathematics, International Relations and even some General Studies classes. The goal is for the students to become familiar with the purpose, key concepts and dynamics of our courses. In addition to this, the students had the opportunity to participate in other activities like human foosball and a rally. During the various activities they were able to meet other students from multiple high schools from all over our country.

Students at the rally. Photo ITAM.
Students at the rally. Photo ITAM.

ITAM’s summer camp took place from July 4th to July 15th, during this time several talks and courses took place to help students decide what are their likes in terms of studies and their future career. summer camp schedule was from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., during those hours students were able to walk around our halls, visit the classrooms and get to know ITAM’s campus, always in the company of our teachers, students and our beloved school mascot Colmillo.

Students meeting Colmillo during our summer camp. Photo ITAM.

“The summer camp overpassed all expectations.”

The attendance was double the number of people we expected, we counted with 55 students from Mexico City, Puebla, Morelos and Mexico State.  “The summer camp overpassed all expectations”, said Dayana García (Member of the organizing team from the Pre-University Assistance Department). The Pre-University Assistance Department will keep organizing these events, so more students can get to know how it is to study at ITAM University.

Students receivg their participation diploma. Photo ITAM.
Students receiving their participation diploma. Photo ITAM.



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