ITAM’s contributors at the Years End Dinner Party

On December 16th, ITAM’s contributors, faculty and administrative personnel celebrated the festive Year’s End Dinner Party. Alejandro Bailléres attended the celebration for the first time since his appointment as Chairman of Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM’s) Board of Trustees.

A longed-for celebration

On the occasion of christmas and new year’s celebrations all of ITAM’s collaborators, workers and professors got together for the first time after 4 years without this kind of gathering . This year’s edition had a record attendance of over 530 participants. The Dean Arturo Fernández Pérez, seized this opportunity to say thanks and commemorate the collective effort made during 2022:

“I would like to thank the big effort made this year, even in the aftermath of the pandemic. The obstacles have been overcome thanks to the creativity and compromise of the contributors”.

Dr. Arturo Fernández thanked the community for their compromise
Dr. Arturo Fernández thanked the community for their compromise

During his speech, Dr. Fernández also noted the improvements made in the evaluation of the faculty, the quality of the administrative services, medical services and a lot more. He recognized the collective effort that is made year after year, that allows ITAM’s educational mission to be fulfilled with notable graduates that contribute to society in multiple ways.

The Baillères family legacy

To start the gathering, Alejandro Baillères delivered his speech thanking all the of ITAM’s staff for their effort made during the year. He commemorated his father, Don Alberto Baillères, to whom ITAM was his greatest pride. Alejandro Baillères, mentioned that, as his father, he subscribes to the three principles that rule our institution: university autonomy, freedom of lectureship and the sense of community, which must prevail and guide the day to day of university life.

“I celebrate and am enthusiased by the aspirations of human and academic excellence to which ITAM aims to. I’m compromised to look after the good governance of ITAM and its financial solvency, so that our institution continues to improve”.

Don Alejandro Baillères , Chairman of the Board of Governors
Don Alejandro Baillères, Chairman of the Board of Governors

Thanks to the compromise and dedication of ITAM’s contributors these goals are achieved. Even with the recent difficult years, ITAM’s history has always shown its resilience and also its community, which leaves Don Alejandro with hope and excitement for the future. The speech didn’t conclude without remembering the last words Don Alberto Baillères directed towards ITAM’s community:

“I earnestly wish that our dear ITAM continues to be a private institution of higher education, non-profit, secular and without political ties. Meticulous in academic and human excellency, where the flag of our declaration of principles always flies high. I strive for our university’s community to be a beacon to light with reason the corporate, social and political future of the country, the halo of scientific knowledge, the regency of facts, the light of ethics and with the fire of a passion to achieve greatness for Mexico by contributing to a more just, free and prosperous society.” – Don Alberto Baillères

Words from Don Alejandro Baillères, Chairman of ITAM’s Board of Governors, on the occasion of the celebration of ITAM’s end of the year meal.

The first end of the year party in this decade for our community

This edition was particularly exciting given that, after years of social distancing, this was the first end of the year party in this decade. As traditionally, the celebration took place on the last day of administrative activities. During the event, organized by the Public Relations Office, the trajectory of the people who turn quinquennials in the institute was celebrated. Likewise, gifts were handed out to several members of the community as a moment to celebrate friendship and partnership between contributors and to recognize everyones compromise towards the institute.

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