In January we congratulate Jorge Trujillo

In January we congratulate engineer Jorge Trujillo, Deputy Director of Projects, for his birthday. During his 36 years as contributor in ITAM, he has participated in countless architectonic and physical changes to our institution. Since the construction of our parking lot, up to the inauguration of the library as we enjoy it, Jorge Trujillo´s work has permanently transformed our university.

As Deputy Director, Eng. Trujillo’s work is to oversee every remodeling and construction work, including Santa Teresa´s research facilities. Furthermore, he shared with us that the liberty he has to preform his duty is one of the aspects he enjoys the most; leading to his 36 year career at ITAM.

Eng. Trujillo always spends his birthday alongside his family. Sometimes at his house, others abroad, but always alongside family. What’s more, there has to be a cheesecake, his favorite dessert. Every birthday is his favorite, in his own words.

«They’re all my favorites. The last one was the best and the next one will be even more so. I celebrate another year lived.», commented Jorge Trujillo.

Jorge Trujillo wishes all who celebrate on January a happy birthday. He wishes for them to value every year that comes and always take their time to properly celebrate it. He believes that some years are more significant than others, but they’re all important.



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