Essay Competition on Environment, Energy and Climate Change

On wednesday january 25th, took place the award ceremony for the first place of the Essay Competition on Environment, Energy and Climate Change: Views on Mexico for 2050. The competition’s objective is to show the youth’s view on how to reduce the CO2 emissions to the environment for 2050.

Frida Gama, Andrea Calixto y Lilian Becerril at the award ceremony. ITAM photography

An essay with view towards the future

The competition was convened by the project Scalling up Ambitious Leadership: Learning by Doing, the ITAM Center for Energy and Natural Resources (CIERN) and Energy Network. The first place winners where the students Andrea Nayeli Calixto Aguirre, Frida Ximena Gama Rabadán and Lilian Becerril Hernández, who participated together with the essay titled “Transportation towards the future: Implementation of vehicles with fuel cells”.

In the dialogue table, during the awards ceremony, participated Mitzy Violeta Cortés (RFI), Vanessa Pérez Cirera (WRI), Claudia Octaviano (INECC) and José Ramón Ardavin (CESPEDES). Throughout the event some points were highlighted with their necessity in the actual landscape: voting for politicians that are interested in climate change and demand accountability, analyze the daily consumption and be accountable for it, not closing the dialogue with different social groups to act together and make decisions, based on evidence, to reroute path of our planet.

“As individuals that have access to higher education services, we have a big responsibility to mitigate the problems that affect the whole population”. Andrea Calixto stated.

Competition winners and panellists. ITAM photography


Societal conscience and responsibility

To close the event, the winners explained how their idea came out from a project for their energy and environment class. And realizing there was a competition in which they could participate, decided to enter with the objective to get more involved in climate change. The winner students are convinced that climate change is an issue that involves us all and that is fundamental to reform the collective indifference and improve the quality of life for the next generations.

Lastly, they emphasized the importance of mobilizing the country and of the youth’s voice. They invited the whole community at ITAM to think and propose solutions, as well as to participate in this kind of competitions. This way, as they stated, we can become more aware of our reality and create social conscience.



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