Una Palabra: first anniversary

Una Palabra [One Word] celebrates its first anniversary!

ITAM´s podcast, hosted by Dr. Javier Martínez Villarroya and Marina Medina de León, came to be with the objective of sharing knowledge, encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue and creating community. Each episode the hosts, along with Dr. Margarita Tarragona and Dr. Carlos Bosch as permanent guests, take a word and discuss from its etymological root to its implication in mathematics and psychology.. Also, with the collaboration of special guests, they dig in politics, economics, law, history and some other fields where the word of the episode is involved.

This project is the outcome of the successful collaboration between the Department of Writing and Languages, the Department of Mathematics, the Wellness Center, the CARLE and ITAM´s Department of Advancement and Institutional Communication.

As of today, the project continues to grow and the third season is already available to stream!

Can words change the world?

The first episode of Una Palabra was released on march 29th 2022 and it revolved around the fundamental concept of the series, the word: word. Still, the podcast started way before. Started with an idea, with a goal. The goal to answer a question: Can words change the world?

“Words constitute our experience. By speaking we are not only emitting information capsules. By putting into words what we live through, the way in which we describe our experience, we also shape it [a nuestra vivencia].” Margarita Tarragona stated, during the first episode.

This first episode established the ideal guide to understand the rest of the series. From language’s perspective, the podcast introduces stories, myths and tales that engross the listener. Furthermore, Javier Martínez and Marina Medina look to answer if the biggest role of language is to reflect reality and, if it is, how does it get done?

Understanding the contemporary world

Una Palabra has as main objective to facilitate the understanding of the contemporary world through analysis and dialogue. From its beginning and thanks to the participation of Dr. Margarita Tarragona and Dr. Carlos Bosch, different aspects and studies of human life, such as psychology and mathematics, are presented and linked with the word of the week.

This project seeks to share knowledge and open a discussion space about the meanings that words can have. Some are widely used in a wrong way. Others can be victims of rhetorics that alter their reality and hinders our understanding, objectively, of what’s going on in the world. Understanding the language, the words and the impact they have in life is very important to manage to make a change. This is the spirit of Una Palabra.

By march 29th of 2023, Una Palabra has 20 episodes, divided in 3 seasons. You can find them in:

Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcast, anchor.fm, Instagram and in their web page.



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