Women’s Initiative 2023

On march 24th, ITAM hosted the fifth edition of Women’s Initiative with the objective to create and boost the women network for current and future graduates. On this occasion, the initiative consisted of a lunch for ITAM alumnae who would later join and share their experiences with the young participants of ITAM4HER. This initiative is only possible thanks to the coordination and effort within the Advancement and Institutional Communication Department, through the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Pre-University Assistance Office.

ITAM alumnae participating in the group photo of Women’s Initiative. ITAM photography

Networking across generations

Firstly, a Networking Lunch took place in order to relate former students from all generations. During the event, Cecilia Rivielo, consultant in business development and life balance and leadership, participated as lecturer for the alumnae and facilitated a space for networking.

To inaugurate the lunch, Dean Arturo Fernández began by recognizing the work that ITAM alumnae have performed professionally in different industries. During the introduction, Alejandra Peralta, coordinator for Women’s Initiative and alumna of ITAM’s Undergraduate Program in Economics, presented some statistics about the impact of ITAM alumnae in professional and social environments.

Dialogue table and networking during the lunch. ITAM photography

To continue, Cecilia Rivielo presented and coordinated a networking activity where the attendees had 3 minutes to express and find something in common with their colleagues. Rivielo stated that 3 minutes are enough to establish a meaningful connection.

“All of us here have at least something in common, something that allows us to strengthen our working and relationship force” Cecilia explained.

To conclude, alumnae from different work fields, particularly STEM, accompanied the young applicants to share their professional trajectories, their life experience after university and to inspire them as the next generation.

ITAM4her: know your potential to make a difference

On the other hand, the ITAM4HER iniciative was celebrated for comitted highschool students to push their talents, define their aspirations and find the dreams that motivate them. During this event, the attendees had the opportunity to talk with inspiring ITAM alumnae, professors and directors of our undergraduate programs, learn about the educational offer and about the undergraduate programs that the institute offers, as well as explore our Rio Hondo campus during the activities.

At 9 a.m. the young applicants were welcomed at the campus and shared breakfast with their future classmates. Shortly after, Dr. Arturo Fernández, ITAM’s dean, accompanied by Daniela Ruiz Massieu, ITAM alumna and EPIC Lab director, welcomed them to our campus.

Once the brunch concluded, Alejandra Peralta Borja began an exposition about the japanese word ikigai. The goal for this activity was to help highschool students in their process of choosing a university, therefore, the participants were provided with the material necessary to define their profession, vocation, mission and passion.

Applicant participating in the ikigai activity. ITAM photography

Subsequently, Daniela Ruiz Massieu introduced the second activity, sharing about extraordinary women. During this activity, printed biographies of women that have left a mark were provided and the students were also invited to think about women  whom they admired, so they could share amongst themselves. This exercise helped them to reflect about their role models and guide their aspirations.

To conclude the event, the applicants participated in a rally that took them all over campus. In each and every rally station, students and professors from different programs had prepared games and activities, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the institute. At the end of the activities, an award ceremony took place, where the first three teams to finish received their prizes.

Applicants at the end of ITAM4HER. ITAM photography

The heart of Women’s Initiative

From 2019, ITAM started the initiative Women’s Initiative to put in context the challenges that women face in their careers and professional lives. It is a fact that, in Mexico, the amount of women that chose a career in STEM is low. ITAM4Her looks to bring together young high-school students with women who have had a trajectory in these areas in order to diversify their considered options for a university degree.



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