ITAM alumni in the Mexican Foreign Service (SEM)

ITAM received four alumnae and one alumnus from our Institute, who successfully passed all the stages of the last general public entrance examination to the Mexican Foreign Service (SEM), in the diplomatic-consular branch. They are Carla Juárez, Mónica Méndez, Rubén Cabrera, Karla Mora and Daniela Uribe. Our graduates, very generously, shared with current ITAM students about their journey and their recommendations on how to get into the Foreign Service and become career diplomats. They also shared about the destination of their first assignments abroad, such as the USA and Nigeria.

They shared their gratitude to the Division of International Studies at ITAM for the preparation course the Division offered them, which complemented their personal efforts. They also commented that ITAM was the institution, in proportion to its student population, with the higher number of students accepted to the diplomatic-consular branch in this last edition of the entrance examination .

Afterwards, they talked about how the abilities and support network that ITAM provided were fundamental tools to reach success; they expressed that what makes them most happy is the opportunity to put all their knowledge and vocation at the service of Mexico and our fellow countrymen and women abroad.

Our alumni emphasized that the key of getting in at SEM was the constant, holistic and interdisciplinary preparation. They recommended the youth present to not neglect their soft skills, their cultural knowledge on theater, music or art; their support systems and, above all, be self-aware and pay attention to their emotional balance.

Dr. Natalia Saltalamacchia and Prof. Isabel Flores emphasized that a diplomatic career is, above all else, a way of life. Being part of the oldest career in civil service in Mexico requires talent for overcoming obstacles and the disposition for continuous training. Our diplomats participate through their professional career in promotion contests that allow them to climb meritocratically on the Mexican Foreign Service ladder, receiving appointments as diplomatic attaché, third secretary, second secretary, first secretary, counselor, minister and, finally, ambassador.

The honorees expressed their enormous love and devotion with which they are preparing to carry out this great diplomatic work. We deeply appreciate our alumni and their disposition to share their experience to the new generations and we wish them all the luck in their first foreign missions.



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