ITAM honors Owen Fiss with the Distinguished Visiting Professor Title

The Law in Times of Terrorism, Populism, and Social Injustice

During ITAM’s conference series “Conversations with Owen Fiss”, our Academic Department of Law, awarded Owen Fiss, Yale’s emeritus professor, with the title of Distinguished Visiting Professor. He has been involved with various academic law programs both in Latin American and the Middle East for many years. Among the participants included Dr. Alejandro Hernández, ITAM’s Provost; Jorge Cerdio, ITAM’s Chair of the Academic Department of Law, and Rodolfo Vázquez, emeritus professor. Dr. Francisca Pou, member of our faculty, gave the congratulatory speech recognizing Prof. Fiss’ significance to various law schools worldwide and those professional career achievements that made him worthy of this recognition. She pointed out his academic influence on communities of law students from different countries, among those Mexico. Finally, she also spoke about her personal experience as one of Prof. Fiss’ students: “He would treat us as if we were the person we ultimately wanted to become,” she stated.

In 1996, Owen Fiss and Carlos Nino were developing a new approach to teaching law courses in Latin America when they were invited by ITAM to participate in the García Máynez Seminar, sponosored by Dr. Rodolfo Vázquez. Dr. Pou stated that this outreach was important to the evolution of legal methodologies, and led ITAM to become the first Mexican university to join SELA, the Latin American Seminar on Constitutional and Political Theory, created by Prof. Fiss in 1995. Prof. Fiss kindly received the award and thanked ITAM for their warm reception. The conference series included Prof. Fiss’ book presentation Una Guerra Sin Igual. La Constitucion en los Tiempos del Terrorismo, a conference entitled “Equality in a Fragmented Society”, and a round table discussion, “The Judiciary during Terrorism, Populism, and Social Injustice,” held at the Centro de Estudios Constitucionales at Mexico’s Supreme Court.

Jorge Cerdio, Alejandro Hernández, Rodolfo Vázquez, Francisca Pou y Owen Fiss. FOTO: ITAM



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