The Carrera al Universo and Mérito Professional Awards Ceremony

Since 1999, ITAM ‘s Alumni Association has bestowed the Carrera al Universo award to an alumnus with an exemplary 30-year professional career. The awardee receives a copy of Andres Peraza’s sculpture El Hombre Cósmico, symbolizing the highest of cosmic man’s ideals and melting pot.  The distinguished recipients of this award include Don Alberto Baillères, Felipe Calderón, Pedro Aspe, Enrique Cárdenas, Georgina Kessel, Agustín Carstens, Javier Beristain, José Antonio Meade, among others.

The Alumni Association also recognizes alumni with the Mérito Profesional award for their exemplary 15-year professional career in the following sectors: public, business, corporate, social, international organizations and NGOs, and academic.  Among the attendees at this ceremony held at ITAM’s Raúl Baillères Auditorium included members of ITAM’s Board of Directors; ITAM President, Dr. Arturo Fernández; the President of the Alumni Association, C.P.A.  Lorenzo Meade; the President of the Awards Committee, Mr. Juan Pablo Baillères, as well as the recipients’ friends and family.

An exemplary career

In this edition, Martin Werner was the recipient of the Carrera al Universo award. He is an alumnus of our undergraduate program in economics, who graduated with mention of honor in 1986 and who holds a Ph.D. from Yale University.

Martin Werner was the recipient of the Carrera al Universo award. He is an alumnus of our undergraduate program in economics.

He has had an exemplary career in various sectors, especially in the public sector, where he held several positions in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit ultimately becoming its Assistant Secretary from 1997 to 1999. He has distinguished himself in the private sector serving as CEO of the Mexican Branch of Goldman Sachs, as well as its Director of its Latin American Investment Bank for ten years. Among his many achievements in the academic sector include working for many years at ITAM as a lecturer, participating as a member of the board of the Colegio Americano, being a member of the Board of Yale University’s Business School, and finally,  participating in New York City’s Latin American Board of Lincoln Center.

“The education that I received at ITAM has helped me throughout my career by making me understand challenges and how to face them head on. I am honored to receive this award from ITAM because my classmates and teachers have served as bosses, colleagues, clients and, of course, as friends during my career.”

Martin Werner.

Lorenzo Meade, President of the Alumni Association, pointed out that “Don Alberto would surely say that these times call for action and not fear, weakness, and inaction. He would point out that we must overcome these challenges and seek new opportunities in light of the new circumstances.”

Dr. Arturo Fernandez, our President and an ITAM alumnus, also stressed the ties that bring together alumni and the university. He asserted that ITAM alumni “are united by their love, passion, and commitment to Mexico, as well as their belief that one can and should contribute through work to improving their country because this is our land and our home.”’ Then, our honored guest along with ITAM personnel and its Alumni Association, unveiled a plaque in “the Hall of Fame.”  Finally, ITAM community members, friends, and family celebrated the event at the social gathering.

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