A tribute to Don Miguel Mancera Aguayo by the Governor of Mexico’s Central Bank

A tribute to Miguel Mancera Aguayo at the Museo Interactivo de Economía

A few weeks before departing, Agustín Carstens, governor of Mexico’s Central Bank, led a tribute to Don Miguel Mancera Aguayo, the institution’s former governor for 12 years and the first to lead it in its autonomous capacity. He referred to him as a man known for his principles, an innovator, a reformist, a hard worker, and someone with great rhetorical skills. Important economists also described Don Miguel’s successful career in charge of Mexico’s Central Bank, especially pointing out his greatest success. Don Miguel Mancera’s work led up to the constitutional reform granting the Bank’s autonomy in 1994. This autonomy allows the Bank to focus on keeping inflation at bay, since the government cannot utilize its reserves for any other purpose. Agustín Carstens stated how important it is to acknowledge the work of individuals like Don Miguel, because he made controversial decisions in his time that have been beneficial to our country and our institutions. “Let’s sow today what others will reap in the future,” that was Miguel Mancera’s belief,” said Carstens.

Miguel Mancera as Governor of Mexico’s Central Bank

Don Miguel Mancera thanked Agustin Carstens for his tribute and kind words. He expressed how he holds a special place in his heart for Carstens since he was a child and how he admires his professional career. He also spoke about his colleagues and professional relationships with many outstanding figures, namely Dr. Ernesto Zedillo, Rodrigo Gómez, Ernesto Fernández Hurtado, Gustavo Romero Kolbeck, and Guillermo Ortiz. He also acknowledged the economists, lawyers, managers, and mathematicians that have contributed to the bank’s development and to both their national and international prestige throughout the years. He also expressed that the “Bank is an institution that has been constantly improving since its foundation, particularly since acquiring its autonomy in 1994. It corrects its mistakes, and makes changes in order to replace what is not working with what is needed.”

Among the participants at this tribute were authorities from Mexico’s Central Bank and the Secretary of Finance. Agustín Carstens, José Antonio Meade, Treasury Secretary, and Guillermo Ortiz Martínez, Governor of Mexico’s Central Bank until 2009, also shared stories about their relationships with our honoree and they all agreed that he represents an important figure in our country’s stability and competitiveness.



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