Technology and gastronomy at the service of health

Fourteen ITAM Computer Engineering students and program director Dr. Ana Lidia Franzoni attended the Centro de Estudios Superiores de San Ángel (CESSA) to present the applications and culinary dishes they created as part of their project for the Software Applications Development course, in which they integrated technology and gastronomy.

CESSA provost Alonso Guerrero Arteaga welcomed the attendees and thanked everyone involved in the project for bringing together the talent of ITAM, CESSA and IBM, in order to generate solutions that promote the health and well-being of the country.

Alonso Guerrero Arteaga, CESSA viceprincipal.
Alonso Guerrero Arteaga, CESSA viceprincipal. PHOTO: ITAM

Dr. Franzoni acknowledged the hard work demonstrated by the students of the participating institutions, noting it is not easy to work with people from different institutions and even with different majors. However, she said that this experience will help them in their professional life, because collaborating in multidisciplinary teams is a clear example of how the working world functions today.

Ana Lidia Franzoni joining technology and gastronomy to achieve new projects
Ana Lidia Franzoni joining technology and gastronomy to achieve new projects. PHOTO: ITAM


Mobile Applications as Culinary Tools

The presentation of the projects began with the exhibition of the applications developed by ITAM students: D-plate, DiaWeb, Menú Colaborativo and Applícate. All teams emphasized the growth of the diabetes problem as one of the causes of death in Mexico, so the applications focused on improving the lifestyle of patients who suffer from this disease, whether from a psychological approach in which they communicate with people in similar situations, a method of rewards when patients reach the proposed goal, making collaborative menus that include the family or keeping a record and log of the patient’s progress.

As an IBM representative, Bárbara Aguilera congratulated the two institutions, as these projects help students see the application of the theory taught in class. Baltazar Rodríguez, also an IBM representative, mentioned that IBM’s commitment is not only to continue providing the necessary tools, since what was generated in this first stage is the beginning of a project with great potential. But also, he added, the next semester already has a starting point where work will be done to improve the products that were developed to solve problems of daily life.


Technology and Integral Gastronomy to Improve the Quality of Life

Finally, the team members from CESSA presented the culinary dishes that corresponded to the menu of their application, which they prepared with the help of a nutritionist and a chef. The dishes responded to very strict specifications to contribute to a healthy diet according to the disease assigned to them.


The project represented a challenge for CESSA and ITAM students, because they had to integrate the technology provided by IBM, considerations and requirements of the illness, and solid culinary bases to create a comprehensive solution, combining technology and gastronomy, to help diabetic people have a healthy life and access to appetizing food.



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