Graduate Program Abroad: The Next Step for More Than 100 Alumni

The possibility of studying a graduate program abroad is the result of the effort, dedication and drive of each student during his or her professional training. In addition, it opens the doors of knowledge and culture. As well as that, it also extends the invitation to future generations to learn about other perspectives that strengthen their academic and professional experience.

On May 22, 2019, alumni with different undergraduate, engineering and Master’s degrees met at a cocktail, organized by ITAM Office of the Provost, to celebrate their acceptance to study a graduate program abroad. Around 100 graduates attended the ceremony, headed by Dr. Alejandro Hernández, ITAM provost, who gave the welcoming address. They were accompanied by professors, program directors, as well as dean of divisions and chairs of departments of ITAM. The United States, England and France are among the countries that will receive ITAM alumni for their graduate studies.

Dr. Alejandro Hernández, ITAM provost.
Dr. Alejandro Hernández, ITAM provost. PHOTO: ITAM

ITAM’s Contribution to Students Who Will Study a Graduate Program Abroad

Mariana Harris graduated with a degree in Applied Mathematics at ITAM. During the cocktail, she shared with professors and classmates that she was accepted at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), to study a doctorate program in biomathematics next semester. Mariana said that she is very grateful to the institution for providing her with the necessary opportunities to be able to apply, but above all, for having learned to efficiently manage her time. She pointed out that thanks to the elective subjects that she took in the last semesters that she discovered her interests in the area and could explore the different applications of mathematics in science.

Alumni attend the cocktail to celebrate their graduate program abroad.
Alumni attend the cocktail to celebrate their graduate program abroad. PHOTO: ITAM

On the other hand, Alejandro Díaz Cervantes, alumnus with a Public Accounting and Law degree, will study an MBA at the Instituto Empresa in Madrid. Alejandro mentioned that he chose this institution because the graduate approach can be adapted to what he is projecting in his future professional life. He also has the possibility of choosing subjects that complement his professional focus throughout the program, as well as the necessary tools to start a business. “It is thanks to ITAM that I have developed a very competitive professional career here in Mexico. In addition, I have the distinction of graduating from such an important and internationally recognized university,” he said.

In addition, Tamara Velázquez will also complete a graduate study abroad program. With a degree in international relations, the alumnus will study for a Master of Science in the United States. Tamara says that pursuing a graduate degree in another country offers the possibility of studying an interdisciplinary approach that is different from what Mexico offers. “What I thank ITAM for the most is the excellent education that it gave me and the tools with which I was trained throughout my professional studies,” she said.

The Institute’s International Offer

Over the years, ITAM has been characterized by maintaining alliances with different universities in the world. For our institute, strengthening the international links of its students, faculty and the university itself has been strategic. Each year, about 500 students of the institute experience what is to study abroad by taking some of the various options offered to their community. Whether it be through a semi-annual exchange program, a summer course abroad, a graduate program or an internship, the flow of students abroad has distinguished ITAM and has positioned its community as one of the most successful institutions in the entire world.

Alumni attend the cocktail to celebrate their graduate program abroad.
Alumni attend the cocktail to celebrate their graduate program abroad. PHOTO: ITAM



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