“ITAM faculty has been trained in three workshops on Canvas LMS”, Teaching and Learning Center

Since the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) was introduced in August 2020, as a tool to facilitate teaching and learning among the ITAM community, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CDA for its Spanish acronym) has organized three training cycles to provide the faculty with the knowledge and mastery of the Canvas LMS Platform, which enriches the design of learning experiences, tasks and forms of evaluation that contribute to better qualified teaching.


  • The first cycle of training for the faculty was held in September and October of 2020. There were 469 teachers who participated – 36.26% full time, 5.49% part time and 58.24% by course.
  • The second cycle took place in November and December of 2020. There were 224 teachers who participated – 35.15% full time, 18.18% part time and 46.67 by course. 
  • The third cycle was held in January 2021. There were 265 teachers who participated – 36.07% full time, 9.84% part time and 54.10 by course.


In addition to this, Valeria Zepeda, director of CDA, said that 80 of the courses published on the Canvas platform are active, which means that they are used systematically by the faculty to keep updated in the use of the platform. It is also worth noting the commitment shown by the ITAM faculty to adapt to the tools that are making it possible to constantly strengthen and improve the teaching and learning processes of the ITAM community.


On the other hand, the CDA created a website (cda.itam.mx) in June 2020. And recently it reported that this site has been updated and improved in order to make it easier, both for the faculty as well as for the student community, to find videos and guides for the use of Canvas and various digital tools that can support the teaching process. Among the improvements, a friendlier and easily accessible environment was structured that allows users to find the information they are looking for more rapidly. In addition, elements were added and others were updated so that our community can manage the digital platforms that are necessary for learning in the face of the pandemic.



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