The work of an ITAM alumna in support of the environment was recognized by Forbes Magazine

Recently, Forbes Magazine issued a list of the 30 most promising ventures for 2021. Among them was Ecolana, a company formed by three women, one of whom is Lisseth Cordero, an ITAM industrial engineering graduate.

The environment is the space in which the life of organisms takes place, such as living beings, lifeless elements and artificial elements created by human beings. In other words, it is the source from which the human being and the rest of the living beings obtain life, therefore, it is important to take care of it, so that life on Earth is preserved in this way.

There are various methods to help care for the environment, such as recycling, reusing and reducing, among others. In the recycling industry there are four actors: The consumer company that sells products every day, the buyer of beverages and food, the collector or person in charge of picking up the containers and recyclable material, and the recyclers.

To help conserve and protect the environment, Alejandra Valdez, an environmental engineer from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional; Lisseth Cordero, an industrial engineer from ITAM, and Marina Soto, with a BA in Hospital Administration from the IBERO and a master’s in Business from Les Roches in Switzerland, created Ecolana, a company that offers, through a map, the exact location where the solid waste recyclers are located in Mexico City and throughout the country. In this way, citizens and small, medium and large companies can find places where garbage is recycled.

Many people want to help the environment, but they do not always know where or how to do it. Ecolana started, therefore, as a Call Center, where help to locate a recycling place was given, and later it developed to a version of a map on a webpage. Now, it is a company that links collection centers and recyclers in order to close the cycle.

In 2020, it helped recycle more than 1,800 tons of solid waste from large companies that operate in Mexico. On the other hand, Ecolana also helps consumer brands like Nestlé, Grupo Modelo, Tetra Pack, Colgate, Walmart, by generating first-hand information through the digital platform and social networks to tell them where the collection and recyclers are, which are key to the chain.

The next step for Ecolana is to consolidate itself and for more collection centers to be considered in all the states of Mexico. Where they currently do not have a presence – in Colombia and Peru – its short-term plan is to map the recycling sites there.



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