ITAM and University of Essex offers a Double Degree in Political Science

The Political Science Department of ITAM, and the University of Essex had signed a collaboration agreement so the ITAM students can finish, in four years, the Political Science Degree in our institute and a Master in Essex.

The Political Science students of ITAM will be able to study the first three years of the program at ITAM, and the last year in Essex, where they will be able to choose between a master’s in political science, or a master’s in political economy. The double Degree seeks that the students complement their studies in ITAM with the ones in Essex, to expand their academic experiences and learn under an educational model different from that of our country.

Essex University Campus.

The University of Essex, which is located an hour away of London, is in the ranking of top universities of the world, and in 2018 was recognize University of the Year by Times Higher Education Awards. ITAM already has a double degree with Essex with the bachelor’s in mathematics, which prompted this new collaboration agreement. ITAM’s academic excellence allowed Essex to consider three years of the bachelor’s plan sufficient to qualify as a bachelor’s degree in England.

Alexandra Uribe Coughlan, Director of ITAM’s Political Science Degree Program.

In interview, Alexandra Uribe Coughlan, director of the political science’s program of ITAM, said that this double degree allows you not only to have a master un a great university, but to open doors to better job opportunities. A master is always a sign inside the labor market, in acquired knowledge, as well as skills and intellectual enthusiasm. A master in an English university is a sign of language skills, of an openness to new opportunities and experiences, added.

This agreement again shows the great academic level of our institution and allows students to have one more option to enrich their university experience, creating not only academic opportunities but life experiences.

For more information on this dual degree program, contact Principal Alexandra Uribe.

Telephone: 5628 4000 ext. 3762.


Or enter to the website of the Political Science’s degree of ITAM



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