Talents and hobbies of ITAM’s workers: Julio Martínez

In this edition of Talents and hobbies we interviewed Julio Martínez, passionate cyclist and painting lover. Julio has been at ITAM for 7 years working in maintenance, and misses a lot going to the gym. Collaborating with ITAM has allowed him to develop his person in multiple aspects, because he has taken grammar classes and other activities.

However, working for ITAM is not the only thing Julio does, he is a person that does many activities. He has many hobbies, like, playing chess, photography, painting, cycling, between others. The hobby he has dedicated most of his time is cycling, because since he was little, he liked it a lot. Before covid-19 pandemic, he used to go to ITAM by bike, and on weekends he used to take the opportunity to climb the hills of the City, such as Ajusco or Los Dínamos to venture on the bicycle. He has climbed San Miguel’s hill, one of the tallest of the city, and Tepozteco hill; in his Instagram account he has many pictures of his adventures.

Painting is another hobby of Julio, which started 6 years ago. It began with the development of stencils, which are cut sheets that allow you to paint exact figures. Soon, he began making paintings, and now has a project designed to incorporate Oaxacan roots into a painting.

Julio’s painting. FOTO: ITAM

Without any doubt, Julio is a multifaceted person, and is very good at undertaking new activities. We hope that soon we can see more of his paintings, photographs, and bicycle trips.



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