Being an ITAM alumnus is a pride that you carry for life

Francisco Rojas Fernández, Public Accountancy and Audit, 1958 class.

Being an ITAM alumnus is a pride that you carry for life, in addition to opening many doors for you, it creates discipline, passion, perseverance and allows you to surround yourself with people who will accompany you throughout your life.

In this edition, we had the opportunity to talk with Francisco de Jesús Rojas Fernández, alumnus of the Bachelor’s in Public Accountancy and Audit, who tell us the reasons why he entered to ITAM, his experiences during his years as a college student, his opportunities after graduation, and a bit of his personal life.

For Francisco Rojas, being part of the ITAM community means being part of an institution that is recognized globally, and that allowed him to open doors in its labor life. His history with ITAM began when he was in high school and they gave him an aptitude test in which he realized that his greatest ability was within the administrative aspects, so he began to look for his best option arriving at ITAM and decided to study Public Accounting and Auditing.

In 1958 he began the Bachelor’s in Public Accountancy and Audit, where he met the friends that currently sees, and his wife Antonieta in the third year of the bachelor. In 1962, after four years of study, he finished his degree and was part of the organizing council of the graduation party. Later, on March 12, 1965, he presented his professional exam and received his title, same year he got married with Antonieta, alumnus if ITAM, who with he had two sons, Francisco, and Javier.

Francisco Rojas describe us his life after college as something beautiful because he has had a lot of luck. He has always loved his job and teaching, as he worked as professor in the Commerce and Management faculty of UNAM until 2020. In other hand, for more than 15 years he has worked professionally as Intern Auditor in an important company if the Automobile Industry.

“People who study at ITAM and dedicate themselves to what they really should do are going to be very successful”
– Francisco Rojas Fernández




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