10 years of the Social Commitment Seminar of ITAM

In 2020, was the 10 anniversaries of the first edition of the ITAM Social Commitment Seminar. After one decade, our institute is prude to have created this space for reflection and a meeting place for the actors of civil society organizations dedicated to human and social development.

The Social Commitment Seminar of ITAM has consolidated as a platform for the work in big topics, and the participation of distinguished personalities and organizations.

Some of the addressed topics are situations like: “Building leaderships”, “Certification of the ethical principles of a company”, “The Public-private alliances to overcome poverty, inequality, and violence”, “The multidimensionality of social rights”, between others.

On the other hand, some of the people and organizations that had distinguished us with their participations are Peggy Dulany (founder of Synergos), Alan Stoga, founder and president of Tällberg Foundation, The National Council of Evaluation of the Social Development Policies (CONEVAL), and Bal Foundation.

“Our social commitment seminar has sought in each of its editions to bring together prominent leaders from around the world, to share their knowledge with our community, with organizations, and people committed to social causes and, in this way, share those experiences to encourage participation, and creation of new leaders who organize philanthropic wills in these turbulent times”.

Dr. Arturo Fernández, Opening of the Social Commitment Seminar of 2018

As part of our commitment with human excellence, ITAM, through the Communication and Institutional Development Department -leaded by Alejandra Peralta– , will hold the sixth edition of the Social Commitment Seminar in Fall 2021.

Social Commitment Seminar ITAM 2010

On January 27, 2010, the first edition of the ITAM Social Commitment Seminar was held. In this edition, various philanthropic organizations, companies, and the teaching faculty carried out a diagnosis about Mexican civil society regarding the actions undertaken with respect to social responsibility.

Seminario de Compromiso Social 2010
Social Commitment Seminar 2010

Social Commitment Seminar ITAM 2014

In this edition, one of the addressed topics was the social cohesion in which, as said, a shared vision is integrated between national, regional, local governments and citizens to achieve and work for integral development and improvement in the quality of life.

Social Commitment Seminar ITAM 2015

This edition had the presence of speakers, from different organisms, that were experts in public policies, among which were the Social Development Ministry, the INEGI, CONEVAL, and other civil associations dedicated to the social field.

Social Commitment Seminar ITAM 2017

In this edition, the seminar featured the participation of internationally recognized philanthropist, Peggy Dulany. In 1986, Dulany founded Synergos, a global nonprofit organization that brings people together to solve complex problems of poverty.

Póster del Seminario de Compromiso Social ITAM 2017
Banner Social Commitment Seminar ITAM 2017

Social Commitment Seminar ITAM 2018

In the context of this seminar, ITAM was the venue for the delivery of the Eliasson Global Leadership Prizes 2018, given by the Tällberg Foundation to “leaders of any country and any discipline who exercise innovative, optimistic and courageous work, with a global impact and supported by universal values”.



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