ITAM University held the conference: “Prevention of gender-based violence in the workplace”

As part of our community´s commitment to strengthen gender-culture, ITAM University organized the conference “Prevention of gender-based violence in workplace environments”, addressed to the administrative personnel of our Institution.

Administrative Personnel reunited at Rio Hondo’s Gymnasium. Photo ITAM.

The conference, organized by the Human Resources area of ITAM´s Management and Finance department, was imparted on  July 19th by Dr. Edgar C. Díaz, director of Casa Grana. The conference was broadcasted through Zoom. This way, personnel were able to listen to the conference in their work space, as preferred. On the other hand, Rio Hondo´s Gymnasium and Santa Teresa’s Conference Hall enabled personnel to take part in the conference as well.

The conference was attended by 314 people, and all of the administrative personnel that registered to the conference received a physical copy of the “Guide for the prevention of gender-based violence in workplace environments” elaborated by the Office of Student Affairs through the Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Subdivision, and the Attention to Gender Violence unit thanks to  their collaboration with ITAM´s Department of Communication.

I want more information. Where can I go?

According to the “Guide for the prevention of gender-based violence in workplace environments” that was handed to the administrative personnel: in case of any doubt regarding the Protocol, the Gender Guide or the way in which we should interact with work colleagues or anyone that is part of ITAM’s community please get in contact with:

  • Attention to Gender-Based Violence Unit: Office Hours 9.00 to 14.00 h. First floor at Casa Amarilla. 55 56 28 4000 Ext. 4025

The Attention to Gender-Based Violence Unit (Service Unit) is the office in charge of dealing with cases constituting gender-based violence and providing advice required by any of ITAM’s community members. This Service Unit includes containment and guidance measures preceding the filing of the complaint, as well as support from psychologists qualified in gender issues.


¿Dónde está casa amarilla?
Where is Casa Amarilla?



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