Applying Mathematics to predict dengue fever’s behavior.

Dr. Mayra Núñez López is a researcher and professor at the Academic Department of Mathematics, with a degree in Physics and Mathematics from the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, and Masters and PhD in Industrial Mathematics from the Mexican Petroleum Institute. Furthermore, she is a member of the National System of Researchers Level 1.

Dr. Núñez focuses her investigation in the population dynamics of infectious diseases and pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems. Dr. Núñez presented her investigation regarding dengue fever’s epidemiologic tendencies based on dynamic models.

Her investigation proposes a system of equations that model a population’s behavior, accounting for susceptible, infected and recovered individuals. Her dynamic model incorporated two serotypes of dengue fever and three vaccination schemes. Thus, the model aims to study the epidemiologic tendencies of the disease as conditions that allow the coexistence of new competing strains under vaccination.

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