Cheerlading ITAM wins another title!

After only one month of training, ITAM’s recently created cheerleading team (Cheerleading ITAM) has conquered the gold medal at the regional tournament organized by the National Cheerleading Organization.

Cheerleading ITAM during the regional tournament. Photo ITAM.

Who are they?

The team that performed at the regional tournament was completely new, it even was a different team from the one at the ITAM Olympics. Cheerleading ITAM, coached by Omar Alatorre Silva, was created and started training on May 16th. Team members come from different majors and semesters:

Dalia Paloma Leal Salas Actuarial sciences
Frida Márquez García Data Science
Montserrat Olivares Ruiz Computer Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering
Andrea Bellesia Álvarez de la Cuadra Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics
María del Carmen Suárez Flores Mechatronics Engineering
Andrea Paola Sánchez Trejo Economics
Irazu Valeria Espinosa Domínguez  Actuarial sciences
Zianya Gonzaga Degollado Business Administration
Kelly Vianey Alcántara Flores Economics and Political Science
Paulina Guadalupe Montiel Gallardo Economics
Guadalupe Moreno Partida Business and Financial Strategy
Cheerleading ITAM during the regional tournament. Photo ITAM.

One month for training

Team members started training and practicing the choreography since day one: working on their strength, flexibility and coordination. During the training month, the cheerleading team had to keep a 7.00 h to 10.00 h training schedule, every weekday. Andrea Bellesia, Cheerleading ITAM’s co-captain, asserted:

“I think time was our biggest obstacle. The team had just been created one month before the competition. Since it was finals week, there were few days where all members could train together.”

The day of the competition

The competition took place on June 18th at Simon Bolivar secondary school, in Mexico’s City. According to the participants, it was a very exciting event, participants’ families and spectators cheered throughout the event, even if their team was not performing. During the competition, one of the biggest challenges for our cheerleaders was space and time management. Every shift in position requires punctuality and precision to keep the formation’s symmetry and aesthetics. During the competition, Cheerleading ITAM fluidly performed their choreography:

“The choreography turned out better than in practice. Once you’re at the competition, you have a feeling of focus and you do what you have to do. […] During training we often make little mistakes, not because we don’t know the choreography, but because of a lack of focus […]” commented Paloma Leal, Cheerleading ITAM co-captain, during an interview for the Communications Office.

Yoga class and Mindfulness

The Office of Student Affairs, along with the Well-being Subdivision in charge of Francoise D. Brailovsky, supported Cheerleading ITAM, by imparting a restorative yoga and mindfulness class. Paloma Leal commented that the class helped them focus during the competition, and clear their minds before performing. Furthermore, the yoga exercises allowed them to loosen up their bodies and relieve muscle cramps.



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