Bilateral cooperation between Mexico and the US in security matters

Dr. Athanasios Hristoulas, professor and investigator of ITAM University’s Academic Division of General Studies and International Studies, presents to us his investigation on the bilateral cooperation between Mexico and the US in security matters. His work thoroughly dives on the impact that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s presidency of Mexico has had on security matters.

Athanasios Hristoulas is a Political Sciences Bachelor, Master and Doctor from McGill University. Furthermore, he is a founding of CASEDE (Colectivo de Análisis de la Seguridad con Democracia A.C.) and is a level 2 Mexican National System of Researchers (SNI). Dr. Hristoulas has centered hir investigation in national and international security, terrorism and organized crime.

His investigation titled One step forward, two steps back, dives into the relationship between Mexico and the US and how it has been negatively affected in the last three years. This assessment is worrying, as the Unites States the only partner Mexico has that can help with security matters. Within Dr. Hristoulas analysis, he explores the short, medium and long term implications this situation could arise thanks to the change in trajectory the current administration has established.

If you wish to get to know Dr. Athanasios Hristoulas investigation more profoundly, click on the following video:

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