Alumni lunch | Self-care from a psychological perspective

Last january 27th, ITAM’s Alumni Association, in collaboration with Margarita Tarragona, organized the lecture “Self-care for a great year”. This lunch took place, in campus Rio Hondo, with the objective of emphasizing the importance of wellbeing in life.

“Self-care has a protective role against mental illnesses, it is not the same thing to not be depressed and to be fine. Self-care helps us mantain a work and personal life balance” stated Margarita Tarragona.


Alumni group and lunch organizers. ITAM photography

PERMA model

Margarita Tarragona, director of the Center for Wellness Studies at ITAM, is specialized in positive psychology. Her main interests are the implications that scientific findings have in personal wellbeing, through direct intervention and education. Likewise, she is a coach in positive psychology, president of the Mexican Society of Positive Psychology (SMPP) and is part of the advisory council of the International Society of Positive Psychology (IPPA).

During the lecture, Doctor Margarita Tarragona talked about the PERMA model. This model is a result from the research made by Martin Seligman, known as the father of positive psychology. As the main proposal, the model separates and presents 5 columns in which wellbeing rests; by knowing them, guiding your own wellbeing becomes easier, Seligman assured.

Concretely, the PERMA model is an acronym. Each of it’s letters represents the following concepts:positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and purpose and accomplishment

Margarita Tarragona talking about the importance of wellbeing. ITAM photography

Initiatives Alumni ITAM

The Office of Alumni Affairs at ITAM has as an objective the facilitation of spaces for professional and personal interaction between members of the community at ITAM. As a part of their initiative, the creation of these spaces allows to highlight the importance of mental health with ITAM students and alumni. During the lunch, some fundamental tools for stress management were introduced, as well as, the importance of being fine,the importance of our goals and a general program about wellbeing was announced.



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