Conrado Arranz | The script’s contribution to Rio Escondido

Doctor Conrado Arranz Mínguez, full time professor at the Department of Languages at ITAM, presents his research article: Discurso omitido y discurso literario en Río Escondido: algunas claves visuales y literarias que diluyen o esclarecen la autoría de un guion.

With the objective of putting a spotlight on the participation of mexican writers in the film industry of the 20th century —including the era known as the Golden Age of Mexican cinema— Dr. Conrado Arranz collaborated with Dr. Nancy Méndez López to deeply research the contribution of the script, as a literary resource, to the movie Río Escondido. This way, Dr. Arranz wants to showcase how literature contributes in a decisive manner to the end result of a movie; how the script is a literary genre with a writing process, and how the participation of mexican writers in the film industry was widely generalized; producing horizontal relationships of enrichment in both artistic disciplines.

Arranz’s research begins with the writer figure of Zacatecan origin, Mauricio Magdaleno, and proposes a documental analysis of the history of the script and a narratological analysis of the script as a semiotic vehicle that paves the way from written language to visual language. Dr. Conrado Arranz states that, by finding the breaking points between literary discourse and film production, one can propose a new point of view of the mexican cinema, far from the industry and cliches, and closer to literature. Also, he states that the gaps between the script and the final movie answer the disagreements between script-writers and the director, or they answer to specific political and government petitions, important investors in these projects.

Dr. Conrado Arranz has a Law Degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, a Masters Degree in Literature and Spanish and Hispanic-american theaters and a Doctorate in Spanish and Hispanic-american Literature, both by UNED, with a two year research stay at Colegio de México. He teaches Writing Communication Strategies and Legal Research and Writing at ITAM and colaborates as researcher in the Seminar on Popular Traditions project at Colegio de México. He is a member of the National Researchers System in the category of “Candidate”.

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