This is how the XIII Diversity Week kicked off!

ITAM community met last october 23rd at Plaza Roja to inaugurate Diversity Week’s the thirteenth edition organized by the LGBTQIA+ student organization, Sexual-Gender Diversity ITAM.

With the presence of the Dean, Arturo Fernandez, the Director of Students Affairs, Horacio Vives, the Director of Institutional Development, Alejandra Peralta, along with the president and members of the board of directors of the student organization, the events, activities, seminars and discussions where launched. They took place between october 23 and 27, to which ITAM community was invited to participate.

This week arose as a proposal from members of the student body that belong to the LGBTQIA+ collective, to make visible and educate inclusion, as they promote the participation of all student sector in a diverse, accepting and respectful agenda.

In his solemn opening speech, the dean remembered the abuse and hate crimes that the LGBTQIA+ community has historically suffered and emphasized that the appreciation of freedom and the celebration of diversity are a value human existence.

“Freedom allow people to express themselves and display their personality, ideas and visions of diversity itself, of their identities and interests, and all these benefits the community as a whole, as it makes development opportunities favorable. This diversity enriches our life and has been a key to survival of the human species.” enunciated the dean.


Likewise, he invited all the members of the community to not only get involve in the defense of human dignity, but also to deepen and reflect on the complaints of despised and outcast collectives, people with gender and sexual identities other than the canonical, and on the defense of the rights of all the minorities, with the objective of achieving a peaceful and helpful coexistence, as he pointed out, it is a duty of all.

“Human differences are a fact of social live and it has always been like this, they shouldn’t and can’t be erased. We vehemently reject all the utopical and totalitarian attempts of uniform the human species and for that we must defend the basics of open societies, this thought is important for our community.” he pointed out.

The Sexual-Gender Diversity ITAM team, in collaboration with the school authorities, concluded by urging the whole community to take part in this week’s activities.

Learn about the activities calendar for the XIII Diversity Week,here.



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