What are unicorn companies?

Unicorn companies are those which in less than ten years have been valued at over 1 billion dollars. There are 310 unicorn companies in the world. They exist mainly the following sectors: internet and software, e-commerce, fintechs, health care and on demand services. 48% of them are located in USA.

Unicorn Companies in Mexico

Until 2023, nine companies founded in Mexico have reached the category of unicorn, and three of them were founded by ITAM alumni. The nine mexican companies that have become “unicorns” are: Bitso, Clara, Clip, Incode, Kavak, Konfio, Merama, Nowports and Stori. Moreover, companies such as SpaceX and Meta are considered as super-unicorns, as they were valued at 100 billion of dollars. The three mexican unicorns founded by ITAM alumni are Clip, Stori and Incode.

Who are ITAM unicorns?

At the time this article was written, one third of the mexican unicorn companies have been founded by ITAM graduates. Here we tell you about them and their founders:

Clip is a company based on mobile transactions that allows all kinds of businesses to accept credit and debit cards and food vouchers as payment methods, it was founded by Adolfo Babatz, who got his bachelor degree in Economics at ITAM and his Information Economics Master’s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Stori is a financial company that offers a credit card without annual fees, it was founded by Marlene Garayzar, the first mexican woman founder of a unicorn company, with a bachelor’s in International Relations from ITESM and a MBA from ITAM; lastly, Incode Technologies a biometrics company located in Silicon Valley, founded by Ricardo Amper, who got his Business Administration degree from ITAM and has business studies at IPADE and NEOMA Business School.



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