The U.S.-Mexico Economic Relationship : A Conversation with U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew

As part of ITAM’s seventieth anniversary celebrations, the Secretary of Treasury of the United States, Jacob J. Lew, gave a speech on the economic relationship between Mexico and the U.S. The session moderator was Dr. Alejandro Hernández, ITAM’s Provost, and a distinguished attendee was José Antonio Meade, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.


Secretary Lew began his speech stressing his country’s interest regarding the relationship with Mexico, reasserting that both governments need to realize that mutual collaboration is essential for their economic, political, and social growth.

He stated that globalization implies fostering economic growth, but that we must also take into consideration national security, the environment, international treaties, domestic and foreign policies, and other elements which are key factors in the Mexico–U.S. relationship.  He also addressed the topic of national security, indicating the need to strengthen the collaboration in border security, as well as in their respective domestic policies.

Jacob Lew claimed that the United States Secretary of Treasury favors a collaborative effort towards economic growth, stressing that such collaboration will generate jobs, thus reducing the chronic problem of illegal immigration. Finally, he mentioned that both countries must consistently work on creating and improving international treaties that not only deal with border issues, but also improve security and economic change, foster prosperity and strengthen our international relations. 


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