The European Union’s new global strategy in foreign policy

Dr. Stephan Sberro invited Amador Sanchez Rico, the European Union’s political adviser in Mexico, to give a talk about the European Security Strategy, created on December 12, 2003. At this event, it was mentioned that the very existence of the European Union is hanging by a thread, just when the world needs a strong union for both its citizens and everyone else.

Amador Sanchez Rico stated that “no country can face these challenges alone.”  In order for the European Security Strategy to be successful, the EU’s member states and its institutions must remain unified and maintain their international involvement.

Quoting Secretary Kerry, he said that “the European Union has to believe in itself as other international players do.” Migration has hit them the hardest, since it involves its foundations and “makes it harder to get back on track.”

This strategy is well laid out focusing on hard power and solidarity, as well as working together on a common defense policy.  Its implementation is also well defined in that they will address in this document the following issues: security, strengthening partnerships with countries in both Southern and  Eastern Europe, promoting an integral approach, respecting regional dynamics, and fostering unity regarding collaboration and defense aiming at improving domestic and foreign policy.



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