ITAM fulfills the dreams of a young student in Actuarial Science through its new endeavor: Fuse Scholarship

We have started 2018 off with a bang with one of our students winning the Fuse Scholarship for the first time.  This is his story: At the age of fifteen, Emilio dreamed of doing his graduate studies abroad at the one of England’s best universities in the hopes of becoming a mathematician. He soon realized that ITAM would be the key to fulfilling his goal. The path was difficult since he comes from an ambitious family with sisters who are equally determined. However, his outstanding academic performance and mathematical knowledge led him to be accepted to ITAM’s undergraduate program in actuarial science and applied mathematics with a scholarship covering a portion of his tuition.

In his third semester at ITAM, the Rurik Magos scholarship selection committee also awarded him a scholarship of $2,500 pesos monthly to cover his expenses (books, transportation, and food), thus allowing him to devote himself completely to his studies and fully appreciate firsthand ITAM community’s generosity and commitment to their students.  Emilio was then awarded the FUSE exchange scholarship for his outstanding grade point average during his eight semesters at ITAM. This scholarship was created in 2017 by alumni who wanted to award an outstanding student with the financing necessary to experience an exchange program abroad.

FUSE Scholarship Meets its Goals

Emilio’s adventure started last November. Among the many challenges he faced were filling for his visa and passport, as well as gathering documents and going for interviews regarding them. He also was required to send in admission applications and paperwork, as well as taking admission exams for the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, his university of choice. This marks the first time this 22-year-old has had the opportunity to travel abroad in spite of his family’s financial troubles.

Emilio, winner of FUSE Scholarship. Picture: cortesy of student
Emilio, winner of FUSE Scholarship. Picture: cortesy of student

After successfully overcoming many challenges and obstacles, Emilio arrived at Mexico City’s airport, with the support of Aeroméxico, full of emotion and enthusiasm to embark on this great adventure that the FUSE scholarship provided him. Amidst the tears and hugs from his family, they wished him well and gave him advice for his journey. Emilio embarked on his international journey excited for what the future had to hold. At ITAM, we believe that these experiences enrich our students’ academic, cultural, and personal background. Various fundraising events have been held over the past fifteen years in order to raise money for more than 450 students desiring international adventures.


Beca FUSE, para intercambio académico, ITAM
FUSE Scholarship, ITAM

You too can participate in these projects and change the lives of our outstanding students! Be part of the change!

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