A FATF objective: defending the integrity of the international financial system

FATF’s 40 suggestions in the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing

“We are proud to host a specialist from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in Mexico for the first time and to be the first university to host this type of conference”, stated Dr. Jorge Cerdio in his opening remarks about this important conference which is being held at a key time in our country. Kevin Stephenson, the director of FATF TREIN, introduced the the Financial Action Task Force, FATF (its acronym in English), an intergovernmental body whose goal is to create international standards fighting against money laundering, terrorist funding, and other threats against the international financial system’s integrity. Member countries utilize these standards to evaluate and monitor each others’ assessors, regulators, and employees.

FATF TREIN and its objectives

Stephenson pointed out that FATF TREIN’s purpose was to train their administrative staff to support FATF’s work by conducting research on money laundering and terrorist funding. Their latest achievement was the designing of interactive courses providing countries advice regarding the execution of these goals. According to Stephenson, “our goal is to provide the correct training so that these countries can have the necessary data to compel governmental executives to make these changes.”

FATF TREIN also endeavors to become one of the world players in the struggle against money laundering, terrorist funding, proliferation financing, as well as fostering and conducting research on important global issues like human trafficking.




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