ITAM Alumni Office launches “Red ExITAM” in Miami

On August 17th, ITAM´s Office of Alumni Affairs launched a new chapter of “Red ExITAM” in Miami to promote the networking and integration platform between ITAM´s community members in Florida. ITAM´s President Arturo Fernández, Alejandra Peralta and other authorities were present for the inauguration. The launch, organized by ITAM´s Office of Alumni Affairs, was held in the Mexican Consulate General in Miami and Consul General Jonathan Chait Auerbach was among the attendees. Additionally, Manuel Abud, Accounting and Financial Strategy graduate, shared his extensive international professional experience.

Introduction by Rosalba Zepeda, president of
introduction by Rosalba Zepeda, president of “Red ExITAM” in Miami. ITAM Photography. ITAM Photography.

ITAM’s international presence

Jonathan Chait began his speech by thanking the attendees for their time, the organizers, the panel members and ITAM´s President for his presence. Afterwards, he highlighted ITAM´s importance in the international scene and it’s graduates presence in the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“I would like to emphasize the importance that ITAM University holds as an institution, it is recognized for their academic excellence in the formation of national and international leaders.”, stated Jonathan Chait Auerbach

The consul general spoke on the landscape that the Mexican community in Florida faces, a US State with over 670,000 Mexicans. Furthermore, he asserted the importance of creating strong partnerships between Mexicans and invited the members of the network to share their knowledge to help the Mexican community projects in Florida. Finally, Jonathan Chait stated that the consulate space will always be open for the Mexican Community and congratulated the organizers of the event and network.

Alumni Networking

Rosalba Zepeda Tielve, president of “RedExITAM” in Miami, and Accounting and financial strategy and Business Administration Graduate as well as Master in Business Administration, expressed her gratitude to Anakarina Piña, president of ITAM University’s Alumni Association, the members of ITAM University Community and the Consulate. Moreover, she stated that her work aims to strengthen the link between alumni and their Alma Mater and that the event is an acknowledgement of don Alberto Bailléres work.

Rosalba Zepeda shared her personal and professional experience. She firmly believes that ITAM University has always been by her side, from her academic studies to her friendship and family bonds. She stated that even outside of Mexico it is extremely common to run into ITAM´s alumni, demonstrating the wide reach the Institute has. Additionally, she stated to be honored to represent her alma mater abroad and to be the network’s president.

Unveiling at a distance

ITAM´s President Arturo Fernández, connected at a distance, carried on with the inauguration after his kind words of welcome. He acknowledged the accomplishments and presence that our alumni have outside of Mexico, as they represent the talent that Mexico and ITAM University hold through their outstanding professional development. Afterwards, he congratulated the organizers for their initiative, spoke on the development of new networks in places like Washington D.C. y Boston, and kindly welcomed Rosalba Zepeda.

“I’m certain that your initiative and diverse activities will enrich and fortify the personal and professional growth of our community.”, asserted ITAM President Arturo Fernández.

Subsequently, he thanked the Consul General for his involvement and Manuel Abud for his presence and keynote speech. Furthermore, he reaffirmed ITAM´s commitment to always remain close to all alumni and its eagerness to support them and share their accomplishments.

ITAM´s President Arturo Fernández reaffirmed ITAM´s commitment to always remain close to all alumni. ITAM Photography.
ITAM´s President Arturo Fernández reaffirmed ITAM´s commitment to always remain close to all alumni. ITAM Photography.

Alejandra Peralta, VP for Advancement and Institutional Communication, expressed her gratitude to the attendants and highly remarked the organizers for their efforts. Likewise, she extended an invitation to the alumni to get to know the projects that ITAM University is working in and out of campus to help the community. She shared her belief in the creation and development of diverse Alumni Networks that are a showing of the great commitment the Institution has to all graduates. Finally, she introduced Manuel Abud who would continue the conference.

“I am extremely proud of the wide range of projects that we are currently working on at ITAM, which are a tangible proof of the values that strive us forward. This values are: excellence, freedom of thought and expression, academic freedom, integrity and responsibility, intellectual integrity, no discrimination, respect towards diversity, legality, community service and constructive bonding”, asserted Alejandra Peralta.

Manuel Abud. ITAM Photography
Manuel Abud, Accounting and Financial Strategy graduate, shared his career path and extensive international professional experience, from his undergraduate studies up to his current standing. ITAM Photography.

Public Accounting and responsibility for the Latin Grammys

Manuel Abud, Accounting and Financial Strategy graduate, and CEO of the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, shared his career path and extensive international professional experience, from his undergraduate studies up to his current standing as the head of a prestigious music academy. He stated that the Mexican Community has great opportunities to build strong networking communities abroad.

Manuel Abud stated that his current professional standing is the result of various leaps, starting in finance. Furthermore, Manuel firmly believes that graduate studies are not restrictive and that any career path is constantly build upon. He also deep dived into the activities, values, objectives and processes of the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and their Latin Grammys.

The creation of Alumni networking spaces and offices is a great task for members of the community, and as ITAM´s President stated, it reflects the commitment that ITAM University has towards all alumni to stay beside them and support them in their careers.



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